Mission of Slopeside Farm

Grow healthy food in healthy soil

  • We grow a variety of delicious certified organic vegetables and herbs using principles of companion planting, intercropping, and integrated pest management.
  • Building healthy soil is the foundation to delicious and nutritious food. We endeavor to follow organic practices, using compost and cover crops to add life and body in our soil.

Manage a biodiverse landscape for native pollinators and honey bees

  • We have two honey bee hives and love our hard working ladies. Therefore, we strive to cultivate annual and perennial flowers, herbs, vegetables, scrubs, and trees that provide nectar and pollen for our bees all season long.
  • We will preserve a pesticide-free environment for all our beneficial native bees by following organic practices.

Feed our community

  • We aim to offer fresh produce to our customers weekly at our farmer’s market and Root Seller Marketplace at market price.
  • We support EBT/SNAP programs.
  • Food should never be wasted, therefore any perishable food that is not sold will be gleaned by the North Country Gleaners to be distributed to community groups in need.