Our Story

Two outdoor enthusiasts who started a homestead that grew into a farm.

Sue spent many years in healthcare, but was apparently just biding her time until the stars aligned and she could make her dream of running a farm come true. She loves to cook what she grows and her friends believe her to be an adventurous chef, playing with fun, international flavors.

Mike is a data scientist who loves to spend his free time hiking and skiing with our dog, Cinder. He patiently teaches Sue all the farm mechanic tricks he knows. He is also lovingly rehabilitating an old apple orchard and makes hard ciders to share with friends and family.

Our furry and feathered friends include:

  • Cinder, our sweet, rescue pup. She loves chasing sticks and hunting red squirrels.
  • Juneau, our playful, devious farm cat. He’s an excellent mouser and loves to sleep in sunbeams.
  • Our laying hens, who produce a lot of manure and love to scratch through the compost pile.