Winter planning

Seed catalogs, spreadsheets, and farm resources overwhelm our kitchen table as I slowly start to piece together how this homestead to farm transition is going to happen. The winter is kindly giving me time to dream as well as think seriously about how I want our farm to grow this year, as well in years to come. There are so many questions…how big to start? Do I go certified organic this year? Should we do no-till? If I grow it, will you buy it? How much can I juggle and still keep a smile on my face? The crazy amount of farming information available can be too much at times, so I head out for a quick ski or snowshoe with Cinder, our dog, to clear my head. Then, it’s back to the kitchen table to start moving forward again, slowly plotting out each bed, indoor seed start schedule, and anticipated harvest date. As boring as that sounds to many of you, it’s super exciting to me and I’m excited to be part of something new in our food community.

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