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Noodle-less Lasagna

This is adapted from Food and Wine Magazine’s Quick from Scratch, Herbs and Spices Cookbook, that we received from friends on our wedding day many, many years ago. The recipe is actually called “Baked Sausages, Fennel, and Potatoes with Fontina”, but we call it Noodle-less Lasagna in our home. It is super cozy, comforting, and […]

Italian Bean Salad

A friend’s mom made this one time when I had dinner at their home. She walked out to the garden, then back to the kitchen, and this salad was on the table in 10 minutes. It’s a lovely way to use cherry tomatoes, bush beans, and basil, all of which are bountiful in the summer. […]

My Big Fat Greek Salad

We had the opportunity to go to Greece to celebrate our friends, Abbey and Costa, getting married a few years ago. While we toured Greece, we ate SO many delicious Greek salads, which differ from the US version (they lack lettuce). This recipe is ideally made at the height of summer when ripe cucumbers and […]