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Ginger-Scallion Asian Greens

This is an adaptation of the delicious Ginger-Scallion Bok Choy recipe from Myers+Chang At Home Cookbook. We make a quicker version of this to save time and serve it over steamed rice with some store-bought dumplings on the side. Make the sauce: Mix together ginger, scallions, and salt in a small bowl. Heat oil over […]

Zucchini Fritters

This is straight out of Melissa Clark’s Zucchini-Cornmeal cakes with Mint Chutney and Yogurt in her cookbook DInner. It is DELICIOUS (Mike who despises anything in the squash family has requested these!). We call these “fritters” in our house. I make a simpler yogurt sauce, which I’ll include here, only to cut down on prep […]